Welcome to danforth audio

About Us:

At Danforth Audio, we specialize in repairing your prized audio gear with the appropriate quality components and methods.


We pride ourselves in using cutting edge tools and approaches, to both save on repair costs and improve outcomes.


We strive to fix your items as quickly as we can - sometimes even the same day!


We buy and sell gear on occasion - visit us to see current inventory available.

Our services

Servicing most makes and models of commercial audio equipment including:

  • Preamps
  • Power amps
  • Processors
  • "Plate" Amps / powered speakers

Servicing tape equipment:

  • Cassette decks
  • Reel to Reel tape machines
  • 8 Track players
  • Walkmans / portables
  • Boom boxes
  • Car stereo decks

Hi-fi equipment service including:

  • Receivers
  • EQ and audio processors
  • Integrated amps
  • Tuners
  • Streamers
  • CD Players

Servicing all types and vintages of turntables and record players:

  • Direct drive
  • Belt drive
  • Manual and Automatic turntables

Servicing vintage vacuum tube electronics:

  • AM / FM Radios
  • Guitar Amps
  • Tube Hi-Fi gear
  • And more...

Apple iPod mods and repairs:

  • Battery replacements

  • Flash storage upgrade

  • General repairs

  • Cosmetic repairs and mods